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Birgittagarden- falun

Birgitta farm has a very scenic location on the headland in Runn - Dalarna's second largest lake. The main building was rebuilt in 1945 and renovated since Birgitta sisters took over the farm in 1968.

Birgitta farm is a monastery belonging to the Most Holy Saviour, commonly called Birgittine, founded in the 1300s by St. Birgitta and 1911 by the Blessed Mother Elizabeth Hasselblad, who during his childhood lived in Falun.

In a spirit of openness and respect welcomes the sisters individual guests or groups in need of spiritual or physical rest and recovery regardless of faith or philosophy of life. The house's chapel is available for individual prayer and to the sisters' common prayer are all wishing welcome.

The House of Saint Bridget in Falun (Birgittagården) is situated some 8 km from the city centre in theDalarna province. The Guest House has 23 rooms, single and double, with a full capacity of 40. It has a dining-room, conference room and a chapel. The House is also surrounded by a big garden near the Lake Runn. The House is open all the year round for single persons and groups.One can get to the House by taking a taxi or the local transport from the station of Birgittagården. There are trains and busses that go between Stockholm and Falun. At Borläge there is also an airport.


Sr.Veronica O.SS.S

Sr.Rita O.SS.S

Sr.Andrea O.SS.S

Sr.Marietta O.SS.S

Sr.Sonia O.SS.S

Sr.Vivian O.SS.S

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Birgitta sisters' convent in Djursholm belongs to Our Saviour's words, founded in the 1300s by St. Bridget. By founding and leading a small kommunitet in Rome 1911gav Blessed Mother Elizabeth Hasselblad new life to St. Bridget's foundation. She saw that their task in the spirit of St. Birgitta renew and adapt the words of the demands of the future so that the return could be established and operate in Sver IgE. Birgitta sisters' convent in Djursholm was founded in 1923. Its current building was erected in 1973.

Djursholm lies about 10 km north-east of Stockholm. The Bridgettine Convent in Djursholm was founded in 1923 but the present building was completed in 1973. The House has a chapel and a conference room where ecumenical meetings are held. The services in the rooms include a bath or a shower and telephone and central heating. Board: Full-board, half-board or bed and breakfast. The House is open all the year round and is not equipped for disabled guests.
Direction:One can come to the House in Djursholm by taking the Underground from Stockholm stopping at Mörby Centrum and taking the bus 606 or 616 to Framnäsviken

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