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The Order of the Most Holy Savior

The Order of the Most Holy Savior (Latin: Ordo sanctissimi Salvatoris), abbreviated as O.Ss.S., and informally known as the Brigittine or Bridgettine Order is a monastic religious order of Augustinian nuns, Religious Sisters and monks founded by Saint Bridget of Sweden (Birgitta) in 1344,[1] and approved by Pope Urban V in 1370.[2] There are today several different branches of Bridgettines.

'Amor Meus Crucifixus Est' - My Love is Crucified - Motto of the Order

“Dear daughters, there is great need for generosity in the service of the Lord. No egotism and affectation of oneself. We cannot pretend to love God that we don’t see if we don’t love our sisters that we do see. Jesus ought to live in us and we must die to ourselves. Reflect, dear sisters, on the significance of this and let’s pray together in all our houses that the good God gives us the grace to live in such a way that we may be able to be useful members of the holy Church.” (Blessed Mother Elisabeth, 1954).

Our Saints

St. Brigitta

"Lord, show me the way and make me willing to follow it"

St.Elisabeth Hesselblad

"Let us never waste a moment of the time God has given us"

Saint Richard Reynolds

"I believe to see the good things of the Lord"

Marie Francoise Lacroix
Anne-Marie Erraux

"May God give me perseverance to the last, because I have great need for it."

Servant of God
Riccarda Beauchamp

"We thank you, Lord, because You have moulded a simple and generous heart"

Servant of God
Catherine Flanagan

" O Lord, holy and merciful Father,You have endowed Your Servant Catherine"

Servant of God
Maddalena Moccia

"I often hear His voice, and He is prompt to take possession of my soul through his grace"


"a true daughter of St. Bridget "

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